What is lag in a golf swing?

Lag AMPLIFIES the power of a golf swing. Let's discuss what lag is, why it matters, and how YOU can increase your lag.


Lag refers to the wrist angle formed between the club shaft and the lead arm during the downswing. It’s a critical aspect of the swing that allows golfers to store energy and generate maximum clubhead speed just before impact with the ball, resulting in more power and distance. However, to create tremendous lag, several factors can affect this crucial move.

Lag is created as early as the backswing, as you set an angle with your wrists by the top of the swing. At the top of your backswing, a transition phase occurs where your bodyweight shifts towards the target and your club direction changes for the downswing. Your body lowers, sways, and rotates, decreasing the wrist angle set during the downswing into impact. This wrist angle formed during the downswing is your lag. The goal is to try to maintain, or even decrease, this angle for as long as possible before impact!


Highly accomplished golfers can maintain this wrist angle for longer, releasing fractions of a second before impact. Creating more lag like this enables golfers to hit the ball farther. Many high handicap or amateur golfers lose this angle quickly, resulting in an early release. Symptoms of this could include high, floating shots lacking distance and speed. Developing good lag prior to striking the ball allows for piercing shots, greater distance, and faster club head speed!

Why should you measure wrist angle in 3D, not 2D?

Our eyes are easily deceived when it comes to 2d imaging. For example, let’s refer to this picture. It looks like this golfer has 31 degrees of lead wrist angle, but in reality, he has ~72 degrees. Why is there this discrepancy?

If a golfer is shallowing their golf club in their downswing, our eyes may think they’re creating this lead wrist angle. In reality, they aren’t — the backswing is actually laid off and super flat, which is not good. When measuring an angle, you have to measure it from a view that is perpendicular to the angle itself. So from a front-on angle like this, laying the club off in the downswing makes the wrist angle look smaller than it is. Start measuring accurately with Sportsbox 3D golf. 

How to use 3D Data to track your Lag 

To measure lag, we recommend using the 'Lead Wrist' Tracker on Sportsbox 3D Golf. Because creating lag is a culmination of factors, such as how well you are rotating, swaying, and releasing.  The lead wrist tracker will help measure your downswing lag, also known as downswing loading.